Jeff Gaura and Alex Gaura, at the Grandover Duathlon.

Father and Son Event-a day of adversity for both!

Riding and Running have become many things. They can be therapeutic.  I get to mentally depart from most of my other responsibilities while I prepare for races.  I love that I can start my day or interrupt my day to do this. They can be spiritual.  I can talk to God and hear from him, too, … Continue reading Father and Son Event-a day of adversity for both!

Jeff Gaura, preparing for the Duathlon Long Distance National Championship.

Learning from 2014

After months of training hard and racing harder, my tank is nearly empty.  I am SO ready to switch to low impact weight training to build up my strength for next year. I celebrate the big 50 next year, and it is so awesome to conclude 49 was the fittest year of my life. I … Continue reading Learning from 2014

Running for 3rd World Solar Power

Not a day goes by when I don’t get some sort of humbling moment when I find a new way to view the athletic gifts I am currently enjoying.  Watching another cyclist grind on a road or seeing a runner try to get in some miles late in the day, I speak under my breath.  … Continue reading Running for 3rd World Solar Power