It is OK to fail. It is not OK to give up.

Only 2 weeks until the National Championship. One would think that my focus would be on preparing for that event. Why am I in California with my son, in the middle of a semester? Where is the lesson? Last year, before I even thought about doing a competitive Duathlon, my son and I had a … Continue reading It is OK to fail. It is not OK to give up.

Putting your soul in order

As we age, our bodies changes. We watch our friends and acquaintances succumb to age, weight gain, bad luck and bad decisions....interestingly, it takes most of us way too long time to conclude that most of these outcomes are really bad decisions, not bad luck.  There is a temptation to play the denial card. "this … Continue reading Putting your soul in order

Three is a crowd

The injection of “new” into the human experience is best handled in increments.  What does that mean?  Try learning to be a pitcher and a catcher at the same time or learn how to tie trout flies and maneuver a sail boat in the same session, and tell me how that goes…. For whatever stupid … Continue reading Three is a crowd

The Force has provided me a Yoda….

Progress takes many forms-this last week, it took the form of a person who reminds me of a female version of Yoda. God only knows that I don't know what I am doing.  I knew that I needed a guide/mentor/coach.  On a recent visit to the needler, I asked some people in the nearby bike … Continue reading The Force has provided me a Yoda….

How Michelle Kwan influenced my attitude

I was reading how Michelle Kwan  left figure skating.  An article in a news rag documented that she now does yoga, rollerblading, swimming and running, it made me ponder what that was like and how she came to peace with it.  The pictures of her show her happy and engaged in life.  She displayed no … Continue reading How Michelle Kwan influenced my attitude

What keeps me running.

This am, as I usually do most mornings, I went outside and talked to God, with my dog nearby, and I spoke of my struggles and my gratitude for what I have.Next, I go inside, get a cup of hot tea, and go to the reading chair.  It is a recliner in the house that … Continue reading What keeps me running.

Change and its enemy, Delay. Opposites don’t attract.

 Jeff and his Nepali friends, holding up the Charlotte Observer, back in 2005 I am noticing that as aging occurs, change diminishes in frequency, AND it takes more outside pressure for it to happen. For something like a decade, I have been saying, "I need to get back to taking care of myself and setting some … Continue reading Change and its enemy, Delay. Opposites don’t attract.