Jeff Gaura, running the final 18 miles at Zofingen.

The Zofingen Duathlon: sorting out Truth from Myth

There is too much half baked information at the Zofingen Duathlon out there. Someone needs to address let it be me.

Jeff Gaura

Pyrenees, here we come!

Back when I weighed 200 lbs. and found entertainment from watching what others did, I was a Sports-on-TV guy.  Seeing athletes compete created nice to watch moments and sometimes awe, but not inspirational moments. Yet, there was one group of athletes that created a sense of wow more than any other group - Tour de France … Continue reading Pyrenees, here we come!

Jeff and Alex Gaura at PowermanUSA

On Christmas Day, I am…

I am. Lots of sentences start with that.  We use that catch all phrase to define themselves. We also use it to state what we aren’t.  “I am NOT,” is just as common as, “I am.” I am an athlete.  I am committed.  I am contagious. Even on Christmas. We had weather that begged us … Continue reading On Christmas Day, I am…