Pyrenees: a trip inside as much as outside.

This blog could focus on any of three different messages, all of which could be a could be a couple chapters long.  The uniqueness of the people, the history of the places, and how the ride changed me are all great stories to tell.  I will sprinkle a little of each in here. Climbing mountains holds … Continue reading Pyrenees: a trip inside as much as outside.

My first 250 km weekend

"But for each of us, isn't life about determining your own finish line?" Diana Nyad This last weekend, my finish line took 2 days to reach, and there is no way I could ever forget it.  I was scheduled to cycle 162 miles this weekend, including my first 100 mile day.  For a seasoned cyclist, … Continue reading My first 250 km weekend

Jeff and Linda Gaura

Faith, Food and Fitness

Over the last few months, Linda, my wife and I have been teaching a course called Faith, Food and Fitness.  We made our own curriculum but we used contents from all the books and magazine articles we've been comparing over the last year.   We have a couple of assumptions that we have built the … Continue reading Faith, Food and Fitness

Running for 3rd World Solar Power

Not a day goes by when I don’t get some sort of humbling moment when I find a new way to view the athletic gifts I am currently enjoying.  Watching another cyclist grind on a road or seeing a runner try to get in some miles late in the day, I speak under my breath.  … Continue reading Running for 3rd World Solar Power

Share it, don’t keep it

I run to music every chance I can get.  During a competition, it is a penalty, but during practice, it is part of my rhythm.  Compare it to reading on the toilet, driving while eating, or watching TV with some other piece of technology in your hand….it just happens. This am, I left to go … Continue reading Share it, don’t keep it