Jeff and Linda Gaura

Faith, Food and Fitness

Over the last few months, Linda, my wife and I have been teaching a course called Faith, Food and Fitness.  We made our own curriculum but we used contents from all the books and magazine articles we've been comparing over the last year.   We have a couple of assumptions that we have built the … Continue reading Faith, Food and Fitness

Jeff Gaura, preparing for the Duathlon Long Distance National Championship.

Learning from 2014

After months of training hard and racing harder, my tank is nearly empty.  I am SO ready to switch to low impact weight training to build up my strength for next year. I celebrate the big 50 next year, and it is so awesome to conclude 49 was the fittest year of my life. I … Continue reading Learning from 2014

Running for 3rd World Solar Power

Not a day goes by when I don’t get some sort of humbling moment when I find a new way to view the athletic gifts I am currently enjoying.  Watching another cyclist grind on a road or seeing a runner try to get in some miles late in the day, I speak under my breath.  … Continue reading Running for 3rd World Solar Power

Share it, don’t keep it

I run to music every chance I can get.  During a competition, it is a penalty, but during practice, it is part of my rhythm.  Compare it to reading on the toilet, driving while eating, or watching TV with some other piece of technology in your hand….it just happens. This am, I left to go … Continue reading Share it, don’t keep it

Spinach turns into sweet potatoes

“Hey, Jeff, how about we give you a sendoff before your race?”  I got that message over a phone call at the end of the day, right in the midst of “busy.”   We all know what busy means...we have too many items to do, but we want to get as many of them done, so … Continue reading Spinach turns into sweet potatoes

He was actually a she. Race Report, 2-22-2014

A day of mistakes!  If I can learn from them, all is good.  If I don’t?  Oh no. The mistakes started before I arrived.  We left early in the am, and in the car, I had three large cups of hot tea, on the way up.  By the time I arrived, I was dehydrated.  I … Continue reading He was actually a she. Race Report, 2-22-2014

Worst Foods in America

Came across this.  Worth reading outloud, in a group setting. Worst Foods in America: 2013 by Megan Hovis, RD It is amazing that this year has come to an end. The year of 2013 for our CRC saw many great races, accomplished goals and epic experiences. I usually like to focus on the positive (great … Continue reading Worst Foods in America

It is OK to fail. It is not OK to give up.

Only 2 weeks until the National Championship. One would think that my focus would be on preparing for that event. Why am I in California with my son, in the middle of a semester? Where is the lesson? Last year, before I even thought about doing a competitive Duathlon, my son and I had a … Continue reading It is OK to fail. It is not OK to give up.