Jeff Gaura

Pyrenees, here we come!

Back when I weighed 200 lbs. and found entertainment from watching what others did, I was a Sports-on-TV guy.  Seeing athletes compete created nice to watch moments and sometimes awe, but not inspirational moments. Yet, there was one group of athletes that created a sense of wow more than any other group - Tour de France … Continue reading Pyrenees, here we come!

Jeff and Alex Gaura at PowermanUSA

On Christmas Day, I am…

I am. Lots of sentences start with that.  We use that catch all phrase to define themselves. We also use it to state what we aren’t.  “I am NOT,” is just as common as, “I am.” I am an athlete.  I am committed.  I am contagious. Even on Christmas. We had weather that begged us … Continue reading On Christmas Day, I am…

Jeff Gaura, preparing for the Duathlon Long Distance National Championship.

Learning from 2014

After months of training hard and racing harder, my tank is nearly empty.  I am SO ready to switch to low impact weight training to build up my strength for next year. I celebrate the big 50 next year, and it is so awesome to conclude 49 was the fittest year of my life. I … Continue reading Learning from 2014

Just having fun. The story of our National Champion

We all have memories of seeing superstar athletes receive awards.  As we watch them get introduced and do the steps towards the top of the stage, we all know that there was a dedication and innate talent that lead to that moment, and we all hope beyond measure that this one athlete will have a … Continue reading Just having fun. The story of our National Champion

Duathlon Nationals, 2014: Family included.

Going into last year’s event, I had problems.  Injury and a lack of confidence were both preventing me from going all-in on my effort.  Heck, I almost dropped out. This last weekend in St. Paul, MN, I lined up to compete again, but this time, my foot was working at 100%...that meant no difficulties, and I was … Continue reading Duathlon Nationals, 2014: Family included.

Duathlon Worlds, Part 4….the end of my story.

As men age, the power and effect of competition decreases.  As their testosterone levels naturally drop, they lose their need to have an edge as, and winning isn’t as important as their days of youth. And if you believe that, I think there is some glaciers for sale in Arizona that you might be interested … Continue reading Duathlon Worlds, Part 4….the end of my story.

Spinach turns into sweet potatoes

“Hey, Jeff, how about we give you a sendoff before your race?”  I got that message over a phone call at the end of the day, right in the midst of “busy.”   We all know what busy means...we have too many items to do, but we want to get as many of them done, so … Continue reading Spinach turns into sweet potatoes

A Wreck and Passing the Torch

Walking around in a boot, knowing that my competitors are all getting better is the least of my thoughts.  This am, on the way home from running an errand, my car got totaled.  It wasn’t just a wreck….I almost killed someone.  Really.  She pulled out in front of my car while I was travelling 55 … Continue reading A Wreck and Passing the Torch

Pushing Through Adversity

Getting injured hurts at all levels. Sure, there is the physical discomfort, but there is also the emotional wreckage. I got hurt a week ago.  I have lost some of my routine.  It is Saturday morning, and I am volunteering at a 5K race...a race that I would otherwise run and try to win. Last … Continue reading Pushing Through Adversity