About the Blog

Jeff Gaura and Linda Gaura, in Santorini, Greece.
Me and my best friend and wife, Linda.

Hi, I am Jeff Gaura, and this blog was someone else’s idea!

I have found myself telling the same story, repeatedly.  When someone suggested that I put all of them in writing for others to see, it made good sense.  Since I am both an introvert and an extrovert, the act of creating the telling the story is lengthy and inevitably involves an encounter with my own shortcomings.

This blog started as an reach out to other athletes “of a certain age” trying to maintain their competitive edge.  Now, it is a sanity stop as I sort out what I am doing as I strive to maintain my athletic edge.  I compete at the highest levels I am allowed to, and since 2014, I have been representing this country as a member of TeamUSA in duathlon at International competitions.  I also pass onto others new to running and cycling some of the messaging that has been passed onto me over the years.

Walk with me through my adventures in cycling, Pilates, yoga and ultra-running as I train for and compete in duathlons.  I use this blog to keep people posted on my journeys, meetings and explorations, as I seek to improve my fitness and diet routines, telling you what worked for me…and what didn’t.  Have thoughts you’d like to share? Please comment.  I welcome your feedback!

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2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Hi,
    I enjoyed reading your comments about Du Worlds 2014. If you’d like to share with a wider audience, I’d like to publish some excerpts on Duathlon.com.


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