About the Author

Jeff and Linda Gaura
Standing with the one I chose to spend life with. Thank goodness she chose me, too!

I was born in 1965 and have a couple of identities.

I am the President of The Network Team, Inc, an IT firm that designs, installs and maintains technology both for companies and governments.

I am active in scouting at Troop 226 in Unionville, NC, where I lead the High Adventure program.

I am married to my best friend, Linda, and we have two boys, Michael and Alex, and a daughter-in-law, Lauren.

We live in a log home, in the country, where we grow much of our own food and raise chickens.

We attend a local Christian church, and we teach a course called Faith, Food and Fitness. Linda and I share our stories and pass on what we know to others who want to learn God’s will for them and how we are designed to eat and be fit.  Every class, we learn something new.

I am Blessed (capital B), grateful and trying to change, preferably for the better.  As an inadvertent and often unwilling athlete, I get lost in my thoughts and get off track when lead by feelings, but it brings me to places that God has not yet shown me.  And it is those places that I am most Blessed.


Country living and city living.

Trying to follow Jesus Christ, and a good argument among friends

Health food, and junk food

Watching sports on TV and running for a couple of hours

Hiking for a week, and speaking in front of hundreds or thousands.

Earning, spending and saving money, all at variable rates that I can never predict.

Cycling, running, hiking and pilates….in any order, I think….

Talking to people, being in crowds, and spending few days by myself

A night out with my wife.  Or a week in Greece.  Both are great.

Farming, or a trip to the farmer’s market.

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