Dear Abdomen, Issue 16-1

Dear Abby, (her real name is Abby Domen, but she uses the nickname is Abby),

I have been doing Yoga/Pilates for a year, and I can see and feel the difference in my strength.  However, I still carry more weight than I want to. I have tried to eat smart and healthy, but my efforts haven’t given me results.  What am I doing wrong?

Dear Lovely Woman,

Let me share a real story from my dear friend Alex.  Alex is a former Marine who fought in Somalia in the 1990s.  A few weeks ago, I asked him what he did the night before entering a known combat zone.  He and all of his squad members had a protocol that they would follow to keep healthy and alive.  Alex would check and recheck every piece of gear, and he would have a fellow squad member review every piece of equipment, as well.  For example, he would take apart his gun and make sure that it REALLY worked to specs.  He would also dump out his pack and confirm that he had adequate rations, ammo, clothing, communications equipment, and the like.   Although he wasn’t sure that he would be using all of his equipment to engage in combat, he made sure that if he did engage the enemy, he would be ready, and his gear would be dependable.  In addition, he had backups for items that were critical.


My recommendation is to prepare like Alex.  The night before the start of what you know will be a busy day, pre-assemble your snacks and meals that you need to take with you on the road.  Take this activity seriously, as your family is depending on you to be strong and healthy.  You are worth a 5 to 10-minute investment every night.  In addition, bottle your water and put all the nutrition and hydration you will need in a special place where you can just grab it and go.  Maybe, you need a reminder the night before to do this.  Use your phone to remind you-it’s a free service on every cell phone to have an alarm with a message.

Too often, we wait till we are hungry to address need for timely nutrition.  Don’t wait till the enemy is upon you to see if your gun is loaded and ready.  Lastly, don’t pretend that a bottle of water and a packaged bar and a banana equals good nutrition.

The first few times, you need to go out on a limb and let a close friend who you trust review and provide feedback on your choice of nutrition and hydration.  You want to make the best use of your preparation and get the help you need, in the safest way possible.  Don’t hide any of your intentions, either.  If your plan is to hit the Chick-Filet when you are hungry, say that and tell them exactly what you plan to get.  Look at the nutritional information on your go-to meal and see if it is real food or not.   Get some honest feedback on your plan and listen to the advise that you get, in response.

Once you make this a habit, you should begin to see the results that has been evasive.  More often than not, it is not our intentions that get us into trouble.  It is the unanticipated combat that we haven’t prepared for that sinks our boat.  We need good calories, all day long, if we want to keep our metabolism running as God intended it to operate.

Finally, the real difference between you and Alex is that you WILL engage the enemy every day you leave home.  Roadside billboards, coupons in your purse for a new cereal, favorite foods that the kids like to eat will get your attention and wear away at your resolve to eat real, healthy food.  The enemy wants to destroy you and your image, and food is one of his tools.

Just like Alex does, you should NEVER leave home without expecting combat over what you put into your body.  The media and marketing world shall most definitely wage war on you, They will find a way to get their images into your eyes to convince you to eat something that you really don’t want to eat that happens to be in front of you.

Be like Alex, and fight for your body!

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