A Day in the Life of a Zofingen Preparer

The Basement, a happy place for both of my sons and me, as we train to be the best that we can!

Worlds are about 4 weeks away, and working out consumes me.  This race is a 10k run, 150k bike and a 30k run, all taking place in central Switzerland. Preparation takes more out of me than anything else I do these days.

Here is a summary of what the last 5 days have looked like.

Day 1: On Saturday, I did a 5 K run before getting on my road bike and embarking on a 105k bike ride in Central NC.  It should only have been a 100k ride, but I got a bit lost…. oh well.  Once the ride was over, I put my running shoes back on and ran another 5k.  After that 2nd run, I sat down and ate a meal with the other riders.  Once I got back home 45 minutes later, I jumped in our pool in lieu of taking a shower, and followed that up with a nap.  All in all, I worked out in aerobic or better zones for over 4 hours.

Day 2: Sunday was recovery.  That means extra rest and lots of food preparation for the upcoming week.  My wife and I cooked a lot of veggies in coconut oil, as well as meat kabobs and quinoa.  We put the meals in individual serving containers that we can quickly reheat.  After a long workout, I need to get nutrition of the highest quality, as soon as I can.  Having meals pre-made, readily available, is a key part of success.

Jeff Gaura doing chin ups as he prepares for the ITU World Championships in Long Course Duathlon
Chin ups make me feel like a Cross Fit person, without all the injury issues!

Day 3: Monday started with an 8k run that ended with 8 sets of 200 meter sprints.  Once done, I headed into the basement to perform some heavy lifting on 6 basic exercises:  dead lift, bench press, squats, chin ups, press ups and planks.  I followed this up with a recovery shake and a 2 hour sales conference call before finding a cool place to take a nap.  Then, back to work-proposals, emails, conference calls, etc.

Day 4: Tuesday happened too quickly. I woke up before 5 am and headed to the US National Whitewater Center to run a half marathon on the trails.  The paths were more difficult than usual, as the trails were muddy from rain the night before, and the humidity was high.  My Garmin didn’t track my distance correctly, making me feel like I was running like a grandma.  I had to change my shirt in the middle of the run when I made it back to the car, as it was soaked and my nipples were starting to bleed…yuck!  Before 8:30, I had already consumed 5 liters of water.  Right from the Whitewater Center, I headed to our local Pilates studio to do work on the reformer with Heather for about 50 minutes.  Then, off to work before heading to a local church for a men’s meeting than evening.  I was in bed before 9.

Jeff Gaura riding his bike in stationary mode.
Riding the bike in stationary mode.

Day 5: Today started with a 4-hour bike ride on my trainer.  The goal of this ride was to spend lots of time at a high cadence to engage and strengthen my fast twitch muscles.  Once done, I had a 3 egg omelet with lots of veggies in it (no meat), and a huge blueberry pancake covered in apples slices and Greek yogurt.  Then, I took a nap before heading to work.  I am part time company president these days, at best.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more Pilates and a run in the evening.  This weekend is a Gran Fondo in Boone, NC.  This race is part of the National Championship Series, and it will take me on a 170k bike ride that includes 4 timed uphill climbs.  Fortunately, the forecast calls for cooler temperatures than what we are used to getting in Central, NC, these days!

I try to close each night with time with my family.  With our youngest son doing physical therapy weekly and running cross country daily, my wife and I share (she does way more than I do!) the task of shuttling him around, as we still have another few months before he can drive alone.

Photo bomb of Goldilocks, the chicken

Lastly, family time includes chickens!

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