Faith, Food and Fitness

Over the last few months, Linda, my wife and I have been teaching a course called Faith, Food and Fitness.  We made our own curriculum but we used contents from all the books and magazine articles we’ve been comparing over the last year.   We have a couple of assumptions that we have built the class upon.  That said, those who have attended consistently have shown some remarkable changes both in their outward appearance and their overall health.

Linda Gaura, the faith, food and fitness teacher.
LInda Gaura, the Faith, Food and Fitness teacher

Pants are looser, and their strength is up.  For sure, no one is hungry!

I haven’t weighed this little since school days, and I am wearing a shirt that I wore in high school.  That shirt fits perfectly!

You can see our slide decks that we have used to teach the class up on my page.

We use the Bible as our final authority.  If the claims of science go against the contents of the Bible, we go with the Bible.

We conclude that trying to do “health” alone is dysfunctional.  Living healthy includes as part of its definition that we not do it alone.

Our body is our Temple.  It is meant to be treasured and treated with great respect.  In Romans 12:1-2, God calls taking care of the temple our only “true worship.”  If you take care of your body, you are following God’s lead.

Our body is designed to run and run well on real food, not the stuff that includes a battery of ingredients that we don’t understand.  For simplicity’s sake, we use an adage.  If it grows on a plant, eat it.  If it is made in a plant, don’t.

Life is better when you eat clean food and are strong and healthy.  That said, it takes more work to eat real, clean food than it does to eat pre-packaged and fast food.

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