Then make it his time to shine.

Jeff Gaura, Alex Gaura and Mike Larsson, at the USAT Duathlon National Championship
Me and my boys

My trip to Nepal left me breathless, literally.  I have a hard time breathing in deeply, and I can’t talk for more than a few words without coughing.  That impedes all sorts of activities, let alone endurance training.

Yet, the whole while I was in Nepal, my son Alex was home, going through daily workouts on to prepare for the upcoming PowermanFL race in December. He runs faster than he ever has, and his bike endurance appears to be increasing.  In fact, just a few minutes after I publish this article, he and I are heading out on a 50 k ride, followed by a 5 k run.

I admitted to Sharon, my coach, that the aftermath of this illness was going to prevent this from being my best race, yet I was grateful that Alex was doing so well in his preparation.  Her response led to the title of this post, “Then make it his time to shine.  You will do fine. Glad Alex is enjoying the training.”

How can I possibly complain?  This year started in a boot, followed by the chance to compete in both the World and National Championships.  I trained for and completed an Ultra-marathon and ended the year with a super-successful trip to the Himalaya.  That I will not be at 100% for a race that I never intended to earnestly prepare for is not a big deal.  Great reminder.

Yet, for Alex, it is.  He is working hard enough so as to have a shot at winning his age group.  Perhaps TeamUSA is on his horizon.

Go Alex Go.  May I be far behind in your shadow next month.

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