Believe it or not, I am walking on aer.

The chorus of that song hasn’t been in my head or my ears for probably a decade, but I thought of it while cycling on the wheels that I rented this last weekend. With those carbon wheels, I went SO much faster than I would have, otherwise. It almost felt like cheating.

Jeff Gaura, before the 2014 Long Distance National Championship, in Transition
Happy as a room without a roof.

Aer isn’t spelled correctly, nor is it the right phrase. It is Aero, to be exact. Last weekend’s race convinced me that I need to have aero wheels, not just when racing but all of the time. I was able to go faster, with equivalent effort, than I was anticipating. I achieved a personal best, while injured, all because of my bike time.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy some speed. For that, I am all in.

Can’t wait for the ITU World Championships in 13 days. What a rush, just to think about the intensity of competing with and against the best in the World. (Capital W is intentional.) What a gift to be allowed to do that event, with only a year’s experience. I feel like a rookie getting on a team that happens to be playing in the Super Bowl.

New jersey is about to getting covered in sponsor logos and websites. I will be a running and cycling advertisement…

I intend to update often and frequently from Spain and Portugal, but I will be using twitter to do. Consider following @jgaura while I am there.

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