Two steps closer

Yesterday’s visit to the doctor created hope and yet it offered a scary plan, all in the same sentence.

He said that he sees this sort of injury all the time.  The cause is wearing shoes that are too small.  The fix is to wear larger shoes, metatarsal pads and let nature take it’s course, as the pain I am feeling comes from a pinched nerve between my 3rd and 4th toes.  He then gave me a cortisone shot between the toes and told me to avoid cardio exercise involving my foot for 48 hours.  Tomorrow, I go back to it.  My first 5 mile run of the year!  Yeah.

Then, he scared me.  He said that the next step would be to surgically remove the nerve that runs adjacent to the ligaments in that part of the foot.  I decided on the spot that no sport is worth removing body parts for.  Hope I don’t change my mind.  If I do, someone shoot me.

Lastly, the TeamUSA uniform came in the mail.

Jeff Gaura's TeamUSa jersey that he will wear the rest of the year.
My teamUSA jersey

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