You can always walk…

Remember when you would ask to borrow the car, but you needed to put gas in the car before you take it?  If you didn’t have the cash, someone would say, “well, you can always walk.”

The assumption there is that walking is the lowest common denominator.  If all other means of transportation fail, walking remains an option.

I have recently learned that this is this assumption is TOTALLY invalid.  Since hurting my foot a 2nd time, I have found getting around to be nothing short of awkward.  Sometimes, I wear a boot to immobilize my foot; after all, resting it will help it heal, right?


NOT.  Anything but.  I have walked with a limp, hop or boot for the last month.  Fortunately, the boot blends in with my dress pants.

As people saw me limping, some were sincerely concerned, but I just wanted it all to go away.  “So, how is the foot?” typically has received some sort of snide comment.  Last week, I would answer with quirks like, “I cut it off each night and soak it.  Then, I use some epoxy and re-attach it each morning.  Works great.  I sleep a lot better, too!”

“Really?  No way!”  After I heard that one time, I stopped that sort of response.

Sometimes, I say, “I take lots of pills that redirect the pain to the person nearest to me.  Looks like you might be next….” if I am feeling sarcastic.

Self pity evolved into progress, and it is measurable, too.  Two Sundays ago, I found that I could walk without a boot, for an entire day, without debilitating pain.  The following Monday, I was able to walk for 15 minutes, uninterrupted.

Progress continued.  A week an a half ago, I was able to walk barefoot on the hardwood floor.

A few days ago, I jogged about 5K, using a new gait that engages my glutes and has my body more upright than ever.  No pain.

Today, I was able to go on a 32 mile bike ride and work outside for a couple of hours on honey-do projects afterwards, with no discomfort.  Total progress.

Duathlon Long Distance National Championship is in 13 days. For that puppy, I have to run quantity 2 10k races with a 30+ mile bike ride in between.  Most likely, I will not have run that far, in a single day, until the race.  Like learning how to dive on the 10m platform at the Olympics.

I may not always be able to walk.  Heck, I couldn’t walk 3 weeks ago without real pain.  Following a regimen of rest, ice, clean eating and some good luck, my foot has responded as is getting better.

Taking walking for granted is not ever going to happen again.

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