Financial and spiritual prep for the ITU World Championship

Yoga and PilatesOnce I learned that I am heading to Spain on TeamUSA, I made some assumptions.  Numero Uno on that list was that my family was responsible for paying for everything associated with that event.  I knew that TeamUSA only funds small components of the actual event, no different than most Olympic athletes.

That put my wife and I “on the hook” for paying for Pilates, Yoga, Cycling parts, running shoes, chiropractic adjustments, massages, a nutritionist/health coach, gym membership, and, all the while, setting the value of my time equal to zero as I train and prepare.

Then, someone unwound my assumptions.  Being a member of the National Team is not meant to be a liability.  They suggested that I not view myself in that light.  I am representing our country, in front of the world, and it need not be all about me and my family carrying the load.   In fact, they encouraged me to think of myself as being an asset to my community and humbly yet boldly ask for local participation.

“Give companies and individuals something for supporting you,” was the message.    However, I was also told to take anything non-financial that comes your way.  After all, prayers are more valuable than $, anyway.

So far, one of my supplement sponsors has provided me with equipment.  Thank you, Visalus!  Also, friend and trainer Jill Hinson has sponsored me, as well as Michael Heath, the creator of this blog site.  Knowing that those who are most engaged are on board with their support really feels good.

So, I created a fund-raising campaign.  Thanks to Stephanie, Jessica and Kiernan for making the following campaign happen.

If I get no money and have to pay for all of this on my own, that is OK, as my wife and I were expecting that, anyway.  However, if others want to be a part of TeamUSA, here is your path to join me.  I have 5 races scheduled between now and the first National Championship that I am doing.  Then, it is onto Worlds to represent all of us.

A month before the event, I am going to post a list of “things to pray for”.  If you can’t give cash or don’t want to give cash, consider giving prayer covering.

Enjoy the video….it took 5 hours of shooting to get 2:47 of video….

2 thoughts on “Financial and spiritual prep for the ITU World Championship

  1. Hi Jeff … I am a beginning duathlete and wondering if you can do a quick post on bikes – manufactures, prices, etc. What kind of bike do you have, etc.? What kind of bike should a beginner purchase?


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