Mixing Star Trek and a NUTRITIONIST…..

I love Star Trek. One of the ongoing themes of every series and every movie is that there is great honor and natural joy associated with exploring the unknown and trying to better yourself.  If you do these journeys with others, then communities and entire cultures can change for what people agreed to be better.   We discover cures, find new ways of doing things and see things that we didn’t even know existed.

The show starts with an introduction then famously speaks with great authority that the mission of the day is, “To boldly go where no one has gone before.” That translates as do something you have never done, with zest, and you and those whom you are in contact with are better off just for trying.”  There is a brand built on the idea that I find very attractive.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am boldly going where no one named Jeff Gaura has ever gone before. I am going to get another coach to guide, instruct and correct me on healthy eating. Healthy eating has always been heresy. I do it because I heard, “if you eat healthy, then you will lose weight/gain weight/keep your weight/gain muscle/etc/etc/etc,” or “if you eat clean food, then you won’t get cancer with the same likelihood as others.”  The truth is I don’t know what assumptions I have been making about food and drink, and i don’t know how to truly eject my past habits and replace them with healthy ones, without help.

I am starting with one fundamental statement.  We can eat better than we do today, and we will be better off for trying.

Today, I got permission from my wife to go into the pantry and get rid of some stuff that we both agree are toxins.  We took about 20 cans of soda and put them in the recycling bin and got rid of a yellow cake mix that has a list of ingredients that neither of us can identity…and I used to teach college chemistry.

No stone should go unturned when you analyze research.  That line of thinking shall apply to our home.  All pantry items shall be subject to the scrutinizing eye of the nutritionist.  Our fridge, our freezer, our lunch bags, our favorite restaurants and what appears on our dinner party menus shall all be submissive to her guidance.  For, if I do this alone, or if I do this without my wife on board, we are surely doomed to a temporary change, unworthy of a Star Trek episode.

I have leaned on natural athletic ability and supplemented it with a blend of exercise strategies that no one else I have encountered is doing as part of their routine. I have done it for half the time allocation of my competitors, and it got me to the top of the top.  I am assuming that if I eat clean and nutritious food all the time, I can rise to an even higher level.

I may be wrong, but I am boldly going there.

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