Paradigm Shift or Start?

Mind Map of my identity
Mind Map of my identity

During some quiet time, I put this one together.  I discard the identity from my past (student, son, etc) and focus on those items that are current.  No thoughts associated with the future are included.

There are a couple of items that EVERYONE can list when defining who they are.  Seven of the above listed items are pretty well understood and need very little explanation.  Everyone, me included, has very similar definitions and expectations about fatherhood, boy scout leadership, being a church leader, being married, and enjoying the outdoors.  The meaning of business owner is pretty vague, but I am comfortable in that role and am, in general, not overwhelmed by that job.

The role and expectation of “Athlete”…now that is something that is new to me.  Sure, I am one, but I am new to this level of the game.  So, when I take this way of thinking and turn it inside out, I ask “who is involved in my preparation for being a top notch athlete?”  There isn’t any competition in my sport above this, so this exercise causes me to really think about the assumptions I have made.  Here is what I came up with.

Formula for success
Formula for success

I may be missing some people here, and there is room to add to this list, especially if I get hurt again.  My wife is too important to be just another helper along the way.  She is my moon and my stars.  She gets a direct route to the athlete in me.

The paradigm is this.  Despite running the race and competing in the event alone, I need a lot of people on my team leading up to the race.  If any one of these areas is weak, it will show up in my performance.

Race alone, prepare as if part of a really large team.

27 weeks are left to get my body working at its best.  Next week is my last intentional week of rest for my foot.  Then, we are off to the races.

“We” is the correct word, here.

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