Just slap me…

Jeff Gaura's Goal - a spot on Team USA
I am there.

Just slap me, won’t you?  Is this real?

OK, I did my first successful Duathlon last February.  Today, I get this in an email….

Congratulations! You are being contacted because you have earned a spot on Team USA for the 2014 ITU Standard Duathlon World Championships. The 2014 World Championships are set to take place May 31-June 1, 2014 in Pontevedra, Spain.”

Just kiss my grits.

There are now words injected into my vocabulary that will take some getting used to.

“World Class Athlete.”

But I love Pop Tarts too much.

“TeamUSA Member.”

That normally applies to Bruce Jenner, Michael Phelps and Jackie Joiner.  I feel more like Scooby Doo.

Granted, the Duathlon today is not an Olympic Sport.  The triathlon is Olympic, as is the decathlon, but not Duathlon…at least, not yet.

That means that this is the highest level competition on the planet for this sport.  This is my Olympics.

About an hour later, at a nearby park, I ran for the first time since the National Championship.  I was slow and felt sore when I was done.  I got passed by a kid young enough to be my son.  All I could do was smile….I was beyond joy.  This is the top of the top, for me.  Who cares that this kid can blow me away, today.

To celebrate tonight, I went to a nearby school, prepared to present to kids and parents the value of the Boy Scout program.  I came home and had beef from a crock pot with rice and some quickly microwaved frozen peas.  I took a shower and dried off with the same towel that I have used the last two nights.  I took out the garbage and even took some time today to change the air filters in my wife’s van.  There was no cheesecake, no parties, no dinner or night on the town.  Just a regular day.

May I have more regular days….

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