Gardening and orthotic boots expose character defect

Every year, my wife “makes” me walk with her to our gardens and till the ground. Nothing fancy-I do it by hand, so I can feel the earth and get acquainted with it. I use hand tools and sometimes power tools. We are not looking for anything in particular-we want to reset the ground and prepare for the next growing season. We do this ritual whether we are getting a great harvest or a poor harvest.
Inevitably, we find something that we don’t want there. My shovel will strike an object that makes a sound, or my rake will uncover a “volunteer” potato that has been hidden. When we see it, we stop what we are doing and remove it. We show it to one another, then we throw it into the woods after a few, “how did we miss that?”
Despite doing this at least twice a year, we always find new rocks, nails, plastic and the like. We have no idea what the source is and have never had a good answer to the question, “how did THAT get here?” Junk just shows up.
The truth is we should do seasonal tilling in our own lives at the end of our seasons. We should review what just worked or didn’t work and turn it upside down to see what shouldn’t be there. We should find the rocks and metal in our gardens that keep us from our goals and remove them. It is a scheduled and planned event and best done by multiple pairs of eyes. We set no expectations about what we are going to find. We just turn over the dirt and remove the gardening surprises we don’t want in there.
I feel like God is doing that to my exercise stuff by wearing this boot. I have gone more than two weeks without sweating. I haven’t had a sore muscle or ache in that time. All I can do is review my past efforts and find gardening surprises. Since it isn’t a habit with my fitness routines, I am seeing all sorts of junk.
I am calling them character defects instead of gardening surprises. I am NOT OK when forced to sit on the bench and heal. I do not want to allow my body to take the full amount of time to recover but would rather go back to exercise a little hurting than wait to heal. The character defect that shows up is impatience. My wife says, “Well, Duh!” implying that everyone knows this. My employees do. My kids do. My friends do. But I don’t.
Dag gum gardening. Why did this injury have to happen the same time as the sweet potato harvest?

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