Recovery, half way


“Well, one would think!”

Ever start a thought or hear someone start off a conversation with that?  What you are really hearing when those words make it your way is the heart of a person who is challenging their assumptions and starting to conclude that what they thought was right wasn’t.  Here goes another one of mine.

One would think that the most important thing during rest and recovery is rest and recovery.

One would think.

I am in a boot for three weeks.  I can’t run, walk, dance, cycle, run a chain saw, do a stair master or skydive.  Ok, I don’t skydive…was just trying to make a point.  However, the boot keeps me from crossing the line, kind of like guard rails keep us from driving over a cliff.

However, I have no boot for my mouth during this time of inactivity.  My metabolism has slowed down, and I am not burning the calories as I used to.  My desire to eat as I used to eat remains alive and well, but without a boot for my mouth, I have to monitor my food intake without help of any oral guard rails.

Conclusion:  watching what I eat is harder than patiently waiting for my foot to heal.

One would NOT have thought…..My didn’t the doctor warn me of this?

On a business trip last week, we had a spread of food on the table for breakfast and lunch that was beautiful.  There was fruit, bagels and all sorts of toppings and drinks laid out for breakfast.  However, when lunch showed up, and it was full of beautiful white bread products and enough chocolate chip cookies to cover half of Tampa.  There were potato chips and pasta salad made from white flour.  And there was soda.  I love a soda now and then.

I love that stuff.  Yet, my mind knows that eating it will lead down a path that I don’t want to be on.  I probably walked up to the cookies ten times over the course of the two hours that the lunch spread was in the room.  Each time, I asked, “do I really want to eat one of those?”  Each time, I responded by grabbing some more fruit.  Grapes, Pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, etc, were my plan B, not my plan A.  My eyes craved the cookies, but I was not ready to yield all the progress I made to one minute of joy.

My wife says, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”  That is Deep, with a Capital D.

Jumped on the scale this am.  My weight hasn’t changed since wearing the boot.  I hope to return to Pilates and TRX in a week.  Although cookies are not on my near term radar, I will be out of the danger zone.

I got some advise this week in a planning session that I need to add a nutritionist to my list of horseman who are helping me.

I agree.

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