Good Luck and thanks for all the fish…

“Good luck!” Been hearing that a lot recently. It is most appropriate. MOST.
Arizona is beautiful and full of color. The desert is a great back drop in which to run and cycle my butt off (even though my butt is half of regular size, now). However, my right foot still isn’t a go.
Just five minutes ago, I went outside, thinking I should try to run a few steps on it. No joy whatsoever. Two steps into it, and I stopped cold. Ever since that day jumping plyometrics, my foot has been amiss. I have partially healed and even raced, when my foot works. This week, it hasn’t worked.
In 23 hours, the race starts. I currently can’t run. How do I make this work? I am not going to dope. I am not going to quit, either. I will push myself to the point of breaking….but I don’t want to break.
I am scared. There. I said it.
What am I scared of, though? I don’t want to do all “this” training only to have a poor showing. Sharon suggested that I ponder the possibility of walking the last 5k and set “finishing” as my goal and not get fixated on how well I do.
I am scared that all the prayer I received for my foot won’t be heard by God…that He won’t care or is too busy with world hunger to concern himself with the foot of a man who already has more than most.
I am scared of failing. My soul isn’t mature enough to handle that, yet.
Yet, how many times during the Olympics do we all watch some great skater or gymnast do a routine that they have practiced literally thousands of times only to screw it up, on world television. What do they do when this happens? They get back up and finish. Sure, they cry, but they finish.
Tomorrow, I will finish. I may get the title of the slowest guy in my age group, but I am here. I qualified and I will be wearing matching clothes, riding on a cool bike and getting my mosey on while dancing at the starting line as I try to get my heart rate up. I will tell jokes to anyone willing to listen. I will thank the volunteers as I see them. I will love my wife all the more as she travelled out to this event just to support me.
Tomorrow is my day. Last place may be my destiny, but I will finish.

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