What works and what doesn’t.

Several months into this, I have some real simple sharings. These are specific to my world, at my age, with my goals. Maybe they are for you….
Maybe not.
So, here are a short list of things that work:
1) Compression socks. I do not run nor cycle any faster, but I recover quicker. After a race, I take a nap, but by the evening, I am back to normal
2) Listening to Coach, with a Capital C. Yoda has done this race and many others. I haven’t. Her ideas are better than mine. When I do what she says, I progress. If I do things my way, the results are unpredictable. A LOT like marriage.
3) Putting training in the schedule before the day starts. When I wait till the morning to determine when I am going to run/bike, it doesn’t take the priority that it needs to.
4) Going public with what I am doing. This blog helps. Others ask me about the change in my body, and it leads to a commentary.
5) Having a support crew. I have a physician, physical therapist, 2 Pilates teachers, 2 Yoga ladies and a wonderful wife who lets me obsess over this.
6) Reviewing your results and setting some goals. When I review my results, I see my progress. When I review everyone else’s results, I get ideas for goals. Sometimes, I embrace their results as my goals. Sometimes, I don’t.
7) Gratitude checks. That I am able to do this creates lots of “thank you,” moments, when I am alone. This is a perfect storm.

Alas, the list of things that don’t work are just as real and big.
1) Processed Sugar. As part of clean eating, I have abandoned having food with processed sugar in it, en mass. When I do have something like a bowl of ice cream, I get the runs. I don’t sleep as well. I wake up tired.
2) Going without caffeine. To go as hard as I am going to prepare for this race, I have become intimate with this drug. Thank goodness it is legal.
3) Trying to sustain full attention to a professional career. I had to pick something that would break. I gave up TV, minus a recorded show now and then, but I did not give up time with my wife and kids. I did not give up church related activities. I did not compromise sleep.
4) Sneaking in Pop Tarts and Donuts. I love Pop Tarts. My body doesn’t. Bummer.
5) Getting caught up in equipment. Sure, my shoes and my bike affect the outcome, but not nearly as much as my effort does. Effort gets me to the summit, not my bike.

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