Why is listening to wisdom so difficult?

For the last few weeks, my right foot has been creating grief…at least that it how I describe it to folks who don’t listen.  The truth is that I have a control issue.

You see, I expect my foot to do what my brain tells it to.  I am not alone in this sort of thinking. Tour de France veteran Jens Voigt is nearly my age, and his famous comment, “shut up, legs” eludes to his expectation that his body will do what he tells it to.  I know that I can run a sub 6 minute mile, for 5K.  In fact, it was that fact that I used to justify signing up for this event.  Lately, no such joy.  Every time I try to push my body to go fast, for an extended period, I get hurt.

My coach suggested running real slow and building back up to the speeds that I require.  After a little more than 3 miles of running, I let one of my songs get the best of me.  I got inspired by the words, “you’re an over-comer,” by Mandisa, and I decided to sprint for 30 seconds.  It was wonderful while it lasted.  However, I couldn’t really walk for 48 hours, as a result.  Again, it was a control issue….I was told by wise counsel what to do to recover. Instead, I listened to my emotions in a moment.  And, I got injured.

I visited a sports medicine physician, and he took some xrays.  He confirmed that it is not the result of a broken bone or a bad tendon or ligament.  I have some soft tissue that is irritated.  He suggested some inserts for my running shoes and sent me on my way.   I listened to feelings instead of wise counsel and ended up regretting that decision.

A week has passed.  Today, I went on a 5K run, averaging at a whopping 10 minute per mile pace.  What was different?  I followed the directions given to me by my coach, without any emotional input.  The first 10 minutes were difficult….I am not used to running that slow.  But the end of 30 minutes, it felt comfortable.  Once the run was done, I did a mandated 5 minute walk to cool down.

Tonight, my foot is OK.  Tomorrow is a 40 mile bike ride and a 1 mile run, immediately afterwards.  How am I doing it?

Coaches way!  Not my way.  Not based on how I feel. I am doing it her way.

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