Humbled by a 12 year old.

As I have been training for this event, pretty much everyone in my personal and a whole lotta people in my professional life have heard me say the words, “National Championship” like they have heard “pass the salt, please,” at dinner.

And a part of this discussion trickled into our home.  The other day, we saw that there was a community fund raising benefit going on for one of my youngest son’s teachers, as she has been diagnosed with cancer.  Cancer killed my mother and is working on one of his teachers, and he has decided to try to do something about it.

Alex decided to run a race for her.  He selected the Richmond Marathon.  He is only 12.  Most quality athletes feel overwhelmed when they think about running a Marathon.  Unfortunately, the sponsors of the race wouldn’t let him run that race-he was too young.  They did let him do the half=marathon, though, even though he is technically still too young for that.

That translates that I am doing a half marathon with him.  Anyone want to go to Richmond and run for a breast cancer combatant?  Anyone want to sponsor a little boy running for someone else?

I get teared up just writing this.  This event and the preparation for it have gone different directions than I ever expected it to go.  That my youngest would want to do an endurance event was not on the radar.

My son decided to do something as he watched me, but he is doing it for someone else.  He is a giving tree.


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