The Force has provided me a Yoda….

yoda-667955_1280Progress takes many forms-this last week, it took the form of a person who reminds me of a female version of Yoda.

God only knows that I don’t know what I am doing.  I knew that I needed a guide/mentor/coach.  On a recent visit to the needler, I asked some people in the nearby bike shop for any referrals for duathlon/triathlon coaches.  From this, I met Sharon.

Enter Yoda into battle.  Yoda walks in with a cane or a limp, and he speaks softly.  Then, he takes out his light saber and makes meat loaf out of whatever is in his way.

My coach is a she-what is up with all these women in my exercise life?  She’s 70 years old, and has been doing triathlons since I was a junior in high school.  To ground people, that means before the Internet, cell phones, bar code scanners, CDs and the like.  That is right-she ran triathlons when I was listening to 8 track tapes and dreaming of pretty girls with real big hair.  She has competed in and won races like the one I have been training for and has been to World’s even.

She gave me some quick insight-miles matter most, now.  She wants me to do some 50 mile rides and give her my logs to review and create plans for me.  She is working with a guy who is 77 years old and preparing to do his 6th iron-man competition.  Makes all our efforts seem small.

She got immediate Respect, with a capital R.

Doing my first group bike ride tomorrow night.

This may be my last entry for a while.  Even before I qualified for Nationals, I committed to being a dad.  I am taking my son on a trip to MN and back, and I will be out of technology for 15 days.  What a good thing!  Facebook, may happen.  Blogging-probably not.

When I return it will be hardcore preparation. I am going to add Power Yoga to the mix and commit to 120 miles a week of cycling.  That is what I am worst at and it needs attention to improve.

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