How Michelle Kwan influenced my attitude

I was reading how Michelle Kwan  left figure skating.  An article in a news rag documented that she now does yoga, rollerblading, swimming and running, it made me ponder what that was like and how she came to peace with it.  The pictures of her show her happy and engaged in life.  She displayed no sense of loss when asked about skating now.  She was literally one of the best, ever, and in her story, she says that she only skates once a month, now.    More specifically, she showed no resentment that she wasn’t skating, anymore.

That makes me jealous.  How can she feel such great comfort in her fall from success?

Whoops….I have formally read her wrong.  “How is it that she finds no sense of distress from falling?” is the original question that I asked.  However, my starting assumption is that she feels like she fell.  Does she even really think she fell, or is it just change and the injection of variety into her life?

About 10 days ago or so, I re-injured my plantar on my right foot.  I knew that it meant my exercise regimen would have to change while I healed.  Thanks to the Michelle Kwan story, it has been very OK to do other things.  Variety and change are the spices of life.  My attempts to run left me either in pain or running with an awkward gait.  While down, though, I have continued to do TRX and Pilates, and in both of those areas, I have experienced gain.  Those two suspended straps on the ceiling of our basement create more of a challenge than cycling uphill with a nose cold.  Each night, I have been stretching to the point of sweating, as I lengthen the muscles that drive my outdoors addiction.  My wife and I are doing TRX together now, and even my youngest son is into it.

More importantly, I have returned to doing the exercises that keep my foot strong and injury free.  Honestly, I had slacked off on doing maintenance, and the exercise that caused my relapse was only the tip of the iceberg and not the root cause.  I thought 95% better meant that I was healed….it didn’t occur to me that I needed to work till I was back at 100%.  I compare it to the approach we take when taking a prescription medicine for a ailment.  We stop once we feel better and have taken, say, 3 days worth of an antibiotic for which we have a 7 day prescription.  We take our current state as the most important data point when deciding how to handle our condition.  Mistake here is mine.

I’ve updated my playlists, too.

I got some upgrades done to my bike to distribute the pressure on the bottom of my foot.

And, I continue my weight loss.  I really only need to lose 2 pounds more to get to race weight.

Sure, those things might still have happened if I hadn’t gotten hurt, but getting hurt put me in a spot when I could take the old ways or take the Michelle Kwan way.

Next time I get a prescription filled, I will follow the directions.  All of them.

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