Double or Nothing.

Double or Nothing, when used correctly, indicates that there is risk.  Double, or nothing!  It almost always has some sort of implicit meaning that someone feels they can do better than they just did, if given a 2nd chance.  And, that person is willing to lose twice as much as they already have in order to get that 2nd chance.

Most people don’t “do” double or nothing with life events.  It doesn’t work with Marriage, children, jobs and friendships.  But, this week, I tried it with my race prep.

Abby Wombach gave me the idea.  I was listening to an interview with her after she earned the FIFA World Player of the Year.  She was describing her workout and training schedule.  She starts the day with exercise, and she makes time for more exercise in the afternoon.  She talked about how it felt to push her body physically at two distinct times during the time, and she gave herself lots of recovery time in between.  She also talked about taking a nap in the middle of the day.  I decided on Sunday night that I am going to implement double or nothing on my workouts, minus the mid-day nap..  That means workout in the am, resting my body, then working out again. The results are that I am either doubly injured, doubly tired, doubly tired, doubly sore…

Or doubly successful.  Since doing double or nothing, I have been seeing great progress.  Today, my success was big enough to get a blog entry.

In today’s event, it means double the frequency of cardio workouts.  Monday, I did back-to-back 14 mile bike rides, with a session of plyometric training (Bryson, what was that?)  Yesterday was a rain out day, but I still did 30 minutes on the elliptical during day job activities.  Today, I did a 5k run in the am, followed by 45 minutes of TRX with my son, Alex, followed by some day job stuff.  Then, at the end of the day (and the end of a rain storm), I did a 2nd 5k run.

Here is the cool part.  At the end of the 2nd run, I made a conscious decision to push it.  At the moment I chose to push myself, I was aware that I had already ran 9k today, and I had 1 k more to run.  I had sweated through three T-shirts, and I was about 5 minutes from my 2nd dip into our swimming pool.  After digging into my proverbial tank, I showed a split of 3:10 for my last half mile.  That equates to a 6:20 mile pace….and that was accomplished after 40 minutes of running, already.

Granted, the device that I was wearing that measures my splits may be wrong.  But if it wasn’t wrong, then, I am running fast enough to be the fastest runner in my age group, all things considered.  And not just for little old Charlotte, NC.  That is for the whole dag gum USA.

No way!

Last year’s winner did his last 5k averaging a 6:40 mile rate.  I just did my last mile at a pace 20 seconds faster than the nation’s top duathlete.

Alas, my war is not over.  Enter my Achilles heel: cycling.  But, I still have 3 more months to get my cycling rate from the current 20-21 mph up to 27 mph.

When I add some integrity to the moment, I have to get my pace to remain at that clip for more than a half a mile.   Yet, I have confidence in that I did it at the end of a difficult day or running in both rain (am) and crazy humidity (pm).

Single events called exercise are not going to be enough to prepare me for success.  I need to follow Abby Wombach’s lead and do it twice a day.

Statistically, I still am likely to end up as something other than the national champion.  But….I just might succeed.

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