Change and its enemy, Delay. Opposites don’t attract.

Jeff and his Nepali friends, holding up the Charlotte Observer, back in 2005

Jeff and his Nepali friends, holding up the Charlotte Observer, back in 2005

I am noticing that as aging occurs, change diminishes in frequency, AND it takes more outside pressure for it to happen.

For something like a decade, I have been saying, “I need to get back to taking care of myself and setting some goals that take me out of my comfort zone.”  Then I don’t do them and default to the status quo.  Then a week goes by, and I say, “I’ll do it next month.”  Then a season goes by, and I say, “I’ll do it in the fall once suchandsuch a season is over.”

This competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I have no “wait until” card to play.  The time is now to get more fit, lose weight, increase flexibility and make core strength a given.  I am 4 months out, and I will necessary missing two weeks in the middle for a well deserved trip with my son.  I have a yoga class with my wife in 15 minutes.  That ain’t gonna wait, either!

Change is happening.  I am stronger in the core.  I have lost weight…in fact, I am already more than half way there.  I am drinking more water.  I am saying no to highly processed sugars and starches.  I have eaten my last donut, ho ho, twinkie, ding dong, chips ahoy, fruu fruu and whatever the heck else sits in the snack bin in the pantry at the house.  I log everything that I eat, and all the exercise that I do.

My runs are down 15 seconds per mile.  I had to drop 50 seconds per mile to get on the podium.  I have 35 left.

My cycling is still below what I seek.  But my attitude towards my outcome has improved.  With 10 less pounds on my body already, climbing long hills seems to take less effort…well, that is because it physically is easier to carry less weight over the same distance, all else equal.  It will come.  I will get faster.

I am blessed that this event dropped in my lap.  Just blessed.  If it wasn’t for this event happening, I would still be playing the “wait till…” card.  No more delays.

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