Why Even Start this.

Who’s to say if what I have been doing is cheating or using a crutch?  My natural athletic ability have made sporting events quasi-easy.  I either wait till the last few days/weeks to train for something, or I don’t train at all.

At 47 years old, I missed a lot of chances to get better, since I didn’t really have to get better to be successful.  It is classic big fish in a small pond syndrome.  Now that I am registered for and qualified for the National Championship in the Duathlon, I am either going to do more of the same knee jerk preparation or I am going to prepare.

Just typing “National Championship” invokes a feeling that I am not in Kansas anymore.  Previous year’s success stories indicate that if I don’t cut my times both in the run and the bike by 20%+, I stand no chance of winning.  I will compete, for sure.  But I won’t be good enough to go to the World Championship.

Hold up…did I really just say World Championship.  I haven’t even been to the Nationals, yet.

So, here starts the blog of doing what all athletes do….find out what to do more of, what to do less of, and what to cut out, entirely.

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